Do you have an interest in reselling RCI products?
With over 400 resellers on the web and in the field RCI has made a mark in the telecom, networking, VPN, and Broadband market. We work with partners such as Starbucks, Six Flags, and The Gates Foundation.
These customers were generated by resellers such as you.

There are three options for a reseller.

     An A-Class reseller generates a minimum of $15,000.00 per quarter, and a flat 20% return off generated sales. ($3,500.00 in the case of $15,000.00) In the case of DSL resellers, a continued 10% of monthly invoice to end user. There is no minimum of DSL sales if you qualify for A-Class. A-Class qualifications are reviewed by board on a MONTHLY basis, with a 45 day grace period. In the case of $25,000.00 or more in quarterly sales, your account rep. will redetermine return amount. We presently have no A-Class partners exceeding $25,000.00. An A-Class reseller has immediate support and a host of other benefits related to this very exclusive partnership. We make every effort to maintain a good relationship with these well respected associates.

       A B-Class reseller is exclusivly dedicated to companies with Web Based(Web Site) related sales. (AND, NO MINIMUMS!) This also applies to any company or affiliate that has a web site with link to our site or promoting our services. Or, to any telephone or sales related referrals from a company with such a web site. This applies to any of our services, and all profits realized are based on net sales on a case by case basis. Ranging from 5% to 10%. (Phone Systems, Networking, Security, and VPN included). Rates increase after exceeding $7,000.00 in sales in any given quarter. After two quarters exceeding $15,000.00 in sales per quarter B-Class is automaticaly upgraded to A-Class. All DSL sales less then $5,000.00 per quarter are compensated with a flat rate per sale. Ranging from $50.00 to $270.00 per sale. Rates depend on type, speed, and MRC (monthly reoccuring charge). T-1 ranges depending on type, speed, and MRC. (Range is from $170.00 to $570.00)

We have over 400 B-Class resellers.

A C-Class reseller is any reseller that generates a customer with any return on profit. This is usually a partner that anticipates no minimum amount of referralls. Recommended for any referrer without a web presence, or a one person company. Phone System and Network Sales are treated with B-Class rates. And DSL sales are compensated with a flat $50.00. T-1 compensation ranges $170.00 to $370.00.